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Large Grands

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Large Grands

“Large Grands” is an original abstract painting created by Canadian artist, Raymond Chow.  An array of grand pianos can be seen throughout the canvas. Large Grands is part of a series of abstract grand pianos created in the mid 2000’s.  

The purpose of the series was to create a voice against war because of a missile attack on a music school in the middle east.  

The destruction left the school in ruins and because of that, Raymond Chow put paint to canvas to create an effort against the brutality of war.  Thus, the abstract grand piano series was born.  As a result, after creating art for 50 years, Raymond Chow had also become an abstract artist.

Raymond Chow once said that the most difficult style of art to create was an abstract style.  “You have to create something from nothing.” – Raymond Chow.


Artist Statement

“I wanted to be an architect but I found I could draw a crooked line better than a straight one.  So, I thought I’d better become an artist.”


Raymond Chow

Raymond Chow won early recognition in his teenage years after winning many art competitions.  This led to many art dealers visiting his parent’s home, ready to buy a Raymond Chow original.

In the mid-1950’s, Raymond began his art career creating black ink drawings of Vancouver buildings. His drawings sold for around $50 in those days which he created using his favorite 25 cent ball point ink pen.

Throughout his career, Raymond met many figureheads who have commissioned him for paintings.  Some have included Clint Eastwood, Sunny and Cher, and Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia.

Other collector’s have included Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, Paul Anka, Raymond Burr, and Gordon Lightfoot.

Raymond Chow has also exhibited with prominent contemporary artists including AJ Casson, Andrew Wyeth, and many more. 

He has had a lengthy art career of over 60 years where his artwork has gone from art galleries across Canada to as far as the Royal Palace of India in Rajasthan. 

Now, he enjoys his time traveling around Eastern Canada and supporting the Arts.


More About Raymond

Raymond Chow



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