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Raymond Chow

Raymond Chow

Raymond Chow Profile PictureRaymond Chow is an internationally renowned artist based in Vancouver, Canada.  He won his early recognition in his teenage years when many art dealers would come knocking on his parent’s door with cash in hand, eager to buy a Raymond Chow drawing.

In the mid-1950’s, Raymond began his art career drawing black ink drawings of Vancouver’s buildings. His drawings sold for around $50 in the 1950’s, artwork created by his favorite 25 cent ball point pen.

Throughout his career, Raymond has met many public figureheads who have commissioned him for paintings.  Some have included Clint Eastwood, Sunny and Cher, and Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia.

Other collector’s of Raymond Chow’s paintings have included Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, Paul Anka, Raymond Burr, Gordon Lightfoot, and David Lam.  His works are in the collections of Touche Ross, Scott Paper, the Variety Club, and MacMillan Bloedel, to name a few.

Raymond Chow has also exhibited with some of the most prominent contemporary artists in the world including AJ Casson, Andrew Wyeth, and many more.  He has a lengthy art career of over 50 years where his artwork has gone from art galleries across Canada to as far as the Royal Palace of India in Rajasthan.  Now, he enjoys his time traveling around British Columbia and supporting the Arts in Vancouver.


Raymond Chow Painter, Pianist
Academia University of British Columbia, Bachelor of Fine Arts
Toronto Royal Conservatory of Music, Associateship of the Royal Conservatory of Toronto


Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia Deputy Premier Grace McCarthy, British Columbia Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, India
Sir Roger George Moore Sunny & Cher Samantha Eggar
Paul Anka Raymond Burr Gordon Lightfoot
Belzberg Collection Ontario Historic Collection Robert Lee
Bank of Hong Kong Toronto Library MacMillan Bloedel
Variety Club Scott Paper Touche Ross
Mayor of Beverly Hills Robert Tenenbaum MLA Stephen Rogers Clint Eastwood
Susan Matheson Carol Taylor Doreen Braveram
Fran Belzberg Paul Anka Noel Harrison


2017 Capulet Art Gallery, Richmond, BC
Art 1274 Hollis, Halifax, NS
2016 Capulet Art Gallery, Richmond, BC
2015 Capulet Art Gallery, Richmond, BC
2014 Capulet Art Gallery, Richmond BC
Archer & Horseman Gallery, Vancouver BC
2013 Fragrant Wood Gallery, Vancouver BC
2010 Hambleton Galleries, Kelowna, BC
Candler Art Gallery, Camrose, AB
2008 Asai’s Art Gallery, Korea and Japan
2005 Raymond Chow Art Warehouse, Richmond, BC
2002 Finished “White Gown” Series of Paintings
1999 Finished “Karen” Series of Paintings
1998 Started Painters of Painter’s Lodge, Campbell River, BC
Exhibited at Museum & Library Complex in Vancouver Chinatown
1997 Worked with Vancouver Symphony Orchestra
1996 Exhibition of Drawings and Paintings at L’Alliance Francais de Vancouver
Started “Karen” Series of Paintings
1994 Established Raymond Chow Art Gallery in Steveston, Richmond, BC
Began “White Gown” Series of Paintings
1992 Opened Raymond Chow Art Warehouse, Richmond, BC
1990 Established Art Gallery in Richmond, B.C.
1989 Exhibited Along the West Coast of USA
Fundraised for Richmond Hospital Foundation
1987 Created First CD of 29 Original Pieces Released by Mushroom Studios
1985 Worked with Political Leaders to Fundraise for Canadian Paraplegic Association
Played Piano at Cecil Green Alumni Association for UBC
1983 Designed Vancouver Symphony Show House Cover
Painted “Beautiful People of Vancouver” Series
1978 Designed Captain Cook Coins, Canada
Jack Hambleton Gallery, Kelowna, BC
1977 Art Emporium, Vancouver, BC (Exhibited with Andrew Wyeth)
1976 Hycroft Manor, Vancouver, BC
1974 Peter Ohler Gallery, Richmond, BC
1973 Exposition Gallery, Vancouver, BC
Gallery 1661, Halifax
White Whale Gallery, Gig Harbour
Leafhill Gallery, Victoria
Raymond Chow Gallery, Vancouver
Royal Palace of India, Rajasthan
Jack Hambleton Gallery, Kelowna
1972 Gallerie Fore, Winnipeg
1971 Exposition Gallery, Vancouver
Campden Hill Club, London
Canada House Gallery, London
1970 Vancouver Historic Society, Victoria
Thomas Beckett Gallery, Hamilton
Alice Beck Gallery, Burington
Varlow Gallery, San Francisco
Shaw-Rimmington Gallery, Toronto
1969 Exposition Gallery, Vancouver
Jack Hambleton Gallery, Kelowna
1968 Moos Galbria Gallery, Montreal
McPherson Theatre, Montreal
1967 The Downstairs Gallery, Winnipeg
Federation of Canadian Artist Gallery, Vancouver
Eaton’s Display of Historical Landmarks, Saanichton
Dutch Gallery, Vancouver
Sobot Gallery, Toronto
Index of National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa

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