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About Us

Capulet Art Gallery — a bohemian style art gallery and picture framing shop showcasing figurative and abstract artwork from talented Canadian artists.

It all started at a bus stop in Richmond, BC, and because of that…

In 2006, Kevan Seng met Raymond Chow at a bus stop in Richmond, BC.  Kevan only had a $10 bill on him and needed change for the bus.  So, he asked the first person he saw at that bus stop for change who happened to be Raymond Chow.  Kevan and Raymond chatted on the bus for awhile and exchanged contacts.

A couple days later, Raymond called Kevan and invited him to his gallery.  It was the first time Kevan had ever received an invitation to an art gallery, so, he accepted the invitation.  He visited Raymond’s gallery which was located in the industrial part of Richmond.  When Kevan arrived at the gallery, he noticed a beautiful display of drawings while walking up a flight of stairs.

In fact, it took him about 10 minutes before reaching the top because he was admiring all of the artwork up the steps.  It was as if he was walking back in time with each additional step passing from one decade to the next.  There were works from the ’60s, 70’s, and 80’s, with the majority being drawings of Vancouver’s buildings.

Once Kevan reached the top of the stairs, he noticed a stack of drawings on the floor.  He walked towards the drawings and picked them up, finding that they were drawings of Vancouver Chinatown.  Suddenly, he had the idea to create a calendar from the drawings.  After speaking to Raymond about it, this would become his first project in the Arts.

Chinatown Calendar Drawings

Capulet Art Gallery

Our gallery name is based off of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet, namely, Juliet Capulet.  We wanted to focus on the beauty of the feminine self while showcasing works of art meant to be shown to the public, rather than, being hidden away.