Showing the Hidden Gems of the Art World

Frame Shop

Capulet Art Gallery

A bohemian style art gallery and frame shop showcasing figurative and abstract artwork from talented Canadian artists.


Frame Shop

During our inception in 2006, Kevan Seng was introduced to a mutual friend who had been running a frame shop for 30+ years. Originally, Kevan would have some items framed and that was that. Then, family and friends would ask him to have their items framed.

Kevan was working with a framing manufacturer, rather than a retail shop, so, the prices were very affordable. When he noticed that the orders were coming in on a more frequently, Kevan decided to research the prices from other framing shops around town. He found that to have something custom framed was really expensive, so, he decided to make a deal with the owner of the framing shop. They would offer affordable picture framing to the Vancouver lower mainland so that more people could have their items framed at affordable prices.

This mission follows with helping the Arts whereas if there is more art put up, more art will be seen. Rather than having art that’s hidden in a closet or drawer because it’s too expensive to have framed, it would be hung on a wall where everyone can appreciate.

Today — Capulet Art is both an art gallery and frame shop located in the industrial part of Richmond, BC. The focus is to showcase the hidden gems of the Art world so that the public can see.  We welcome anyone who appreciates art to come by for a visit. The gallery is constantly being upgraded focusing on promoting the Arts and providing affordable picture framing to the public.


Types of Framing



If you have any questions about jersey frames, feel free to give us a call at 604-370-1728 or email us at info(at) and we’ll be more than happy to help.