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Jersey Frames

Jersey Frames

If you’re looking to have your jersey framed, you’ve come to the right place. We have made over a few hundred jersey frames for sports enthusiasts and collectors all over the Vancouver lower mainland.  Our jersey frames we make are all custom and we can either make them with a wooden or plastic frame.  However, wooden frames are the moulding of choice because of the strength a wooden frame has.



The standard sized jersey frames are about 33×42 inches and include a custom glass, an acid-free double matte, and wiring.  If your jersey is an x-large and can’t fit inside a standard sized jersey frame, we can make an oversize jersey frame for you so that your jersey will look just right inside the frame.Each jersey gets a custom fit matte inside of it so that the jerseys are nicely stretched out and not loose.  Because each jersey is a bit different, the way the shoulders of the jersey will be a bit different.  However, we will always show the patches on the shoulders or whatever you want the jersey to show.  We have around 50 different colours of matting so we can help you choose the best combination to match your jersey.


Hockey Frame Samples



If you have some cards and/or photos you’d like to add into your jersey frame, just bring them by and we’ll add them into your jersey frame.  Up to 2 cards and 1 photo are no extra charge.  If you’d like to include a custom name plate, we can have that done for you, no problem.  We outsource the name plates and our cost is $15 per name plate, so, your cost would be the same.  They come in silver and gold with black font and take a couple days to make.  We can also do custom lettering in the matting, so, if you’re looking for that style we can help make it happen.


Other Jersey Frame Samples


Lead Time

Typically, our average lead time is a couple weeks because we have many orders and it’s a first-come-first-serve basis.  However, if you need your jersey frames made within the week, we would charge an additional $50 for this service.



If you have any questions about jersey frames, feel free to give us a call at 604-370-1728 or email us at info(at) and we’ll be more than happy to help.