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Transform your workspace with our curated selection of contemporary artwork. From abstracts to landscapes, we make it easy to keep your environment fresh and inspiring. Ideal for businesses seeking a dynamic ambiance.

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Preserve your cherished memories and art pieces with our expert framing services. Offering a fast turnaround and wholesale prices, we specialize in framing a wide range of items— from diplomas and sports memorabilia to original artworks.

Art Commissions

Connect with talented artists to bring your vision to life or add to your existing collection. We offer a diverse range of pieces for sale and provide a seamless commissioning process. Perfect for collectors and businesses alike.

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Dirk Marwig

🎨 Dirk Marwig: The Modern Renaissance Man Defying Formulaic Art

Step into the kaleidoscopic world of Dirk Marwig, a German-born polymath whose art is an electrifying dance between reason and unreason. Beyond painting, Dirk is a creator of objects, furniture, and jewelry—a true “Master of Many.” His work evades the monotony of repetition, instead thriving on risk, novelty, and instinctive creativity. With each piece, Dirk challenges the status quo and keeps both himself and the audience in a state of refreshing, childlike wonder. From handcrafted perfection to mathematical intricacy, his work is a treasure trove that continuously astounds and baffles.

Raymond Chow

🎨 Raymond Chow: From Teen Prodigy to Global Icon

Discover the artist who captivated art dealers as a teenager and whose work now graces international collections—counting Clint Eastwood and Indira Gandhi among its admirers. With over 50 years in the art world, Raymond Chow has exhibited alongside legends and remains a passionate advocate for the Arts in both BC and Nova Scotia.

William Liao

🎨 William Liao: A Tapestry of Cultures, Mediums, and Passions

Embark on a visual journey with William Liao, an artist whose life and work are as diverse as they are profound. Born in post-Cultural Revolution Beijing and initially dreaming of fashion design, William later immersed himself in China’s digital art world. A move to Canada prompted a return to traditional painting, where he delves into themes as varied as his life experiences. From portraits and landscapes to abstracts, his art mirrors his evolving understanding of life itself. For William, the canvas is just one stage in a lifelong performance that also celebrates music, literature, and sports.

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